Over the years, I’ve amassed more teapots than I ever thought I’d need.  Realistically, there are way more than I really need so whenever I feel like brewing a pot of tea, in addition to figuring out which tea I’m in the mood to drink, I need to stare at the wall of teapots and figure out vessel brings me the most joy on that day.  In my household, the teapot has moved from the realm of necessity to luxury item.

That isn’t a bad thing since I do get enjoyment out of the various pots.  There are smaller ones for more special teas in an intimate setting. There are heftier ones for when I just need to fit as much water into one brew as possible…and then there are a variety of shapes and sizes in between.

The teapot I’m going to talk about today however is kind of special in that it does look elegant, but it also serves some special purposes and functions well.  Today’s teapot is the DAVIDsTEA plunger teapot.

This is an old workhorse in the collection and is one of the first ones that I got.  Unlike so many others that are made of cast iron, clay, or stainless steel, this one is made of clear plastic.  It has a very simple and sleek look to it and I think that’s what originally caught my eye first. I like that the walls are more up-and-down, as compared to most other teapots that have curved walls.  I like that it’s see through. These two features make it really easy for me to give a good estimate of how much water I’ve actually added.

The clear walls also make it perfect for steeping flowering (blooming) tea.  That’s not something I make too often, but this teapot is also great for any other type of tea I’ve made. It has a large sieve at the bottom that is easy to remove and clean.  Also, the shape of the teapot (and that’s it’s see through) make is easy to wipe down if you don’t want stray leaves going from one batch to the next. The opening is large enough to easily fit your hands into as needed.  The handle is also large enough for anyone with big hands to handle it with ease.

The real selling feature for this teapot though is that you don’t need to pour the tea out from a spout.  It plunges! When you’re ready for your cup of tea, just put the teapot on top of your cup and it drips through the center of the pot into your cup.  When you want it to stop, just lift the teapot off and it stops; no mess; no fuss. Also, when I said “drips”, it’s faster than a coffee maker drip that you’d see in a standard office.  We measured 8 oz (~ 250 mL) coming out in 6.5 seconds.

If you’d like to have a good focal point the next time you drink tea, definitely pick up one of these teapots.  You’ll be able to watch the beautiful color shifts as your tea steeps. For that little extra touch, grab a blooming tea and enjoy. 🙂

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